Rapid Response

Rapid Response

We operate a rapid response service for plumbing emergencies in and around Bristol

We work 24hrs, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

We aim to be with you in 15-45 minutes dependant on your location.

If this is an out of hours call, we will either repair the problem (e.g. a pipe leak) or isolate and make safe the problem and turn back on the mains water supply (e.g. leaking water heater).

On emergency call-outs we aim to finish and leave site within an hour which is usually the case.

If there is more work required once we have stopped the leak and it is out of hours, we will arrange a normal scheduled visit. Further works will be carried out the following day as we don’t undertake major works out of hours.

Basic pipe and fittings are included however if we need any major parts such as; water heaters, toilet inlet valves or new taps then these will be added to the bill.

For prices please see our transparent pricing page

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